WHY a small wind turbine is not always the best solution

There are no perfect things in the world, so it is obvious that small wind turbines also have their disadvantages as well. Here are the most important ones:

1. Wind is not very predictable.
Assuming that no wind measurements were done on site, it is always a gamble. Some people "feel" that there is a lot of wind, which usually means that wind speed is only 4-5 m/s, which is a low value for a wind turbine. Also, there is no way to somehow predict or calculate wind speed based on geographical coordinates - but it is possible to do so with solar panels, for example. The solution? Wind measurements at the spot and the same height for at least 6 months. Once the wind profile is measurement, predictions can actually be made, and differences between years rarely go above 15-20%.

2. A small wind turbine needs micrositing.
Tower height for a small wind turbine rarely goes above 35-40 m - which means that surrounding objects like buildings and trees disrupt the flow of air, and this unstable flow of air is a wind turbine enemy nr. 1. It is called turbulence, and it causes additional stress on mechanical parts and confuses wind sensors. It also means that two places with the same average wind speed may have different annual production values - imagine a turbine on a naked island and a turbine in a clearing in the woods. What does it mean? It means that a small wind turbine is not a cheap shelf product, but rather a unique tailor-made solution for each individual client, and expert advice from an installer or manufacturer is needed to install one.

3. Scalability.
If You want to add a couple of kW to an existing solar installation, that wouldnt be much of a problem both technically and financially. However, adding any power to an existing small wind installation means adding another wind turbine, and You have to make sure they dont interfere to each other. The way to avoid is to carefully analyze Your needs and possibilities, or ask expert advice from an installer or manufacturer.

But despite these disadvantages, we still love what we do and encourage everyone to not be easily discouraged and ask our specialists about how to tackle these problems!