Small wind turbine advantages

There are many ways how a small wind turbine may be useful just for You (depending on particular circumstances), but there are a few unique advantages that a small wind turbine has and here are top three of them:

1. A small wind turbine is a stable and passive investment.
In comparison to more classical investment opportunities such as stock, real estate or business, small wind turbines energy production is much less volatile. It is scientifically proven that average wind speed may change in the range of 20% of nominal in different years, but it is still nothing when compared with stock market crashes, housing bubbles or other phenomenon.

2. A small wind turbine complements solar power.
While the common notion that wind and solar complement each other during the 24 hour period is actually a myth, seasonal complementality is proven to be very effective. Adding a small wind turbine to an existing PV installation and vice versa, provides not only a more stable power supply, but also allows to save up to two times on battery storage costs!

3. And last but not least - a small wind turbine actually does help the environment.
Even though manufacturing processes take a lot of resources and create waste, the amount of energy that a small wind generator provides actually pays off in a "green" sense of the word much quicker than in a financial sense.

These are the three main benefits of small wind turbines and this is why we love building them! But, truth be told, some things may not be so great in certain circumstances, so read more to learn all about it.