What about roof-mounted small wind turbines?

As a manufacturer of residential wind turbines and wind energy enthusiasts, we want everyone to own a small wind generator. However, if there is not enough space for a tower and You are thinking about installing a small wind turbine on the rood of Your house, then we strongly recommend You to forget that idea and install solar panels instead - and here is why:

1. They may cause structural damage.
Unless Your house was specially designed with small wind generator installation in mind, the wind turbine will introduce additional loads and vibrations, and even if it will take a lot of time, there will be consequences. Also, should the wind turbine fail, the damage may be severe enough to put people and domestic animals in danger!

2. Turbulence.
One of the biggest challenges of installing a small wind turbine is to position it away from obstacles. By placing a wind generator on a roof of Your house You do exactly the opposite, and You also make sure that there is no "favorable" wind direction. Turbulence creates additional stress for the turbine, severely reducing its lifetime and production.

3. Feasibility.
There is one simple rule with all wind turbines - larger generator means better cost-effectivness. With roof-mounted installation You are limited with sub-kW generators; there is a limit for tower height meaning lower wind speeds; and of course there is additional turbulence.

Making a roof-mounted wind turbine with cheaper price (due to lower size and no tower) wouldnt be a problem for our company. Neither would be selling it to a large number of customers due to low price, easier installation and a larger customer base. There is a reason why we refuse to make profit on this and this reason is that roof-mounted small wind turbines are simply not good!