How to decide if it is a suitable area for a small wind turbine?

The answer to this question is that You have to know if Your area has enough wind.

The best method is to perform wind speed measurements on site - preferably exactly on the same spot and on the same site for at least 6 months.

The next best thing is to find data measured by nearby meteorological station or another wind turbine. The spot has to be in the 10 km radius and You have to take in to account height differences.

The most affordable and hassle-free solution is to find a wind map and get the average wind speed from there. However, the height at which the wind speed is given also should be taken in to account.

The wind speed data is then averaged and the annual average wind speed is compared to the annual energy production curve of a wind turbine (provided by a manufacturer) and annual energy production is estimated. Once this information is at hand, it can be used to calculate the return on investment and decide the feasibility of installing a small wind turbine in this location. You could also compare the result to solar energy production, to cover all the possibilities.

If You are sure that small wind is right for
You, then it is time to go into details and calculate the profitability of a small wind turbine.