How long will IT take for small wind turbine to pay for itself?

There are several parameters that must be taken into account when calculating the return on investment of a small wind turbine.

First of all, You will need to calculate lifetime costs. They usually consist of small wind turbine initial price, transport costs, installation costs (foundation price plus actual work) and maintenance costs (yearly maintenance fee multiplied by small wind turbine lifetime, usually around 20 years).

Secondly, You need to calculate the profits per year, which is the price of produced electricity (annual energy production in kWh multiplied by the sum of single kWh grid price and feed-in tariff per kWh). Also, it is wise to consider the fact that electricity prices increase every year, so this should also be included in the calculation.

The result is obtained by dividing the costs with yearly profits and it shows how many years it will take for the small wind turbine to pay for itself and start making profit.

Anything below 10 years is acceptable, with average installation having payback period of 5-7 years and a place with great wind conditions and high feed-in tariff and/or electricity price can go as low as 3 years.

Another important question is where exactly to put a small wind turbine.